red August 16, 2022
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Personal Finance : Our Lives Depend On It

“Seek4finance is a financial site based in the UK that looks after all your financial needs. It offers excellent tips and articles on a variety of financial products and solutions such as investment, banking, credit cards and insurance. The site also features news from the world of finance that are updated every day. Seek4finance contains a directory of the most reputed financial organizations in the field of banks, corporate finance, pensions, mortgages, etc along with their contact details. If you look in the A-Z financial services directory you will be pleased to find the different financial organizations listed alphabetically.

Loan Requirements

In case you require personal finance like a loan you can visit the loan section where you will be able to compare loan details provided by the different financial institutions like the British Gas Loan, black Horse Loan, etc. There is also a loan calculator where you can find how much you can borrow and how much would be the interest payable by you for the plan you choose. You will be able to find a lot of information about the different types of loans such as car loan, home loan, business loan, bridging loan, career loan, etc.
Loan Offers
For those in need of personal finance, the site suggests some great loan offers that are available at different amounts and different rates of interest. You will be able to choose your personal finance from a range of repayment periods and other alternatives. There are short term and long term personal finance options. The long term loan options range from 7 to 10 years. The minimum personal finance amount is usually £500. Most of the times the maximum amount is £25,000. The part amount is to be paid on a monthly basis.
Credit Cards

You can also have a look at the credit card section where again you will be able to compare the offers provided by companies such as application fees, credit interest, credit card limit, etc. There are over 60 providers of credit providers on the site with all of them offering more than 2,000 different products in total. You can also find out information on cash back credit cards and 0% purchase cards.


If you visit the investment section you will be amazed to see that you will be able to compare the policies and costs of over 1000 share dealing accounts that also include the costs per trade when you make a deal through a broker. You can also compare the different types of share dealing accounts as well as finalize your decision about a stock broker after reading his profile. Beginners can get excellent information on how to deal in shares for the first time.


The insurance section contains a lot of information on the type of insurance policies along with the benefits provided by each policy. You can get complete information on life insurance, car insurance, general insurance, travel insurance, etc. Last but not the least is the mortgage section where you can compare mortgages and also calculate the interest with the help of a mortgage calculator. So do check out the site today itself.”