red July 12, 2022
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Sports Nutrition Basics

Sports are fun but if you are really serious about making it a part of your life and excel then the importance of sports nutrition is not new to you.

Many sportsmen believe that proper nutrition is a key factor in making those rapid improvements in their performance.
Almost all of the professional sportsmen have a diet specifically written for them and customized. You can do the same to excel in your chosen sports.

The statement “You are what you eat” is perfect for sportsmen.
A properly customized diet will help you increase your energy reserves, train harder, and compete better at all levels.

Carbohydrates are the number. 1 fuel your body needs. Supplying it in sufficient amounts both before and after sports routines will help you perform a lot better and increases you stamina.
Use of simple carbohydrates is recommended. Avoid simple sugars which provides Waste calories.

Proteins are a great way to improve your muscle building process. Almost all sports require you to have strong muscles. Protein is the king in the kingdom of muscle building. A few tips

1—Focus on high carbohydrate foods. Your muscles depend on carbohydrates for glycogen synthesis.

2—Eat a high protein meal after your sports routine. This helps you build muscles and make them stronger for the next sports training session.

3—Drink adequate amounts of water. Keep away from soft drinks for quenching your thirst. They will eat your system away. Slowly but surely.

4—Eat foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, oranges, potatoes and raisins.

5—Take adequate rest in the form of 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
Before a sports competition·

2-3 days prior increase your carbohydrate intake.
Also creatine is a very useful supplement. Enough reserves help you develop amazing endurance.

· Drink plenty of fluids. 2-3 cups of water with every meal and keep sipping in between meals. Never go thirsty.

Keep track of your weight as well. Losing weight on vigorous sports routines is well documented and therefore regular checking is very essential.

Keep the above points in mind and your performance will sky rocket.